Hideo Luc Goyer (Hee-day-oh) of Listeguj Nation

H.L. Goyer is a mashup of Mi'kmaw and French peasant blood. A multidisciplinary artist, designer, writer & musician, their work explores the human tendency to seek meaning in life and the failure to find it. They seek to challenge beliefs and perceptions of the systems surrounding us, and most of all they strive to make many cartoons.



June, 2018
Two Shirt Designs for Three O'Clock Train's 2018 North America Tour

April, 2018
Front and Back book cover and interior layout for Magic in the Air - The Prodigy and the Apprentice by N.S.C. Zacharewicz

August, 2017
Album cover for The Ludvico Treatment's Final Album 'Ends'

April, 2017
Album cover remaster and Shirt Design for Three O'Clock Train's 'It takes a lot to laugh it takes a train to cry'

September, 2016
Book Design & interior layout for Magic in the Air - The Turbine and the Sprite by N.S.C. Zacharewicz

June, 2016

Animated Lyric Music Video for Three O'Clock Train's 'Train of Dreams'

January, 2016
Album cover and Shirt Design for Three O'Clock Train's 'Train of Dreams'

October, 2015
Patreon Graphics and Covers for Brothers, Blood, Smoke and Iron and City of Smoke and Iron by Robert McKinney

January, 2015
Front and Back book cover for Wellmaster - The Weeping Wall by Alain Carver

September, 2013
Painting in The Flood of Roses Art Book

February, 2013
"Uncollected" Album cover and track art for The Ludvico Treatment's 'Uncollected'

April 2011
Interviewed by Zachary Hill for the now defunct Proxart.org 


July-September, 2013
Painting in the The Alberta Flood Rose Project Touring Exhibition

March 1-April 1, 2012
10 prints in 'Carte de visite' group show at gigantic gallery in Portland, Oregon

November 3-27, 2011
Six paintings in 'Dia de los Muertos' group show at gigantic gallery in Portland, Oregon

March 10th, 2011
24 Paintings and prints in 'Intrigue' group show event by LimeLighter in Calgary, Alberta