A lot of talk about Art & Design & Business & Such.

I am an artist and designer in Canada with an interest in business and Absurdism. My dream job is to be the shopkeeper with the best rare goods in your favourite RPG. Since that's not yet possible, I do other things. For now, I'll try to figure out how to manipulate your feelings with paint, and design cool stuff that's better than the last thing I made.

Like many, by day I work at a software company. My duties encompass those of a production designer, and my title is production artist. I spend a lot of time researching, planning, designing then building product libraries. 

The rest of the time I'm hanging out with my partner and our cats, or working on more projects than I can handle. 

In this space I will share my visual art and design work, and talk about related business topics. I'll share my process and resources and help business owners with a DIY spirit get their own design skills polished up. I'll have all sorts of goodies for business minded folks, and as expected on the internet it will be free.

Free Like a Raccoons Lunch

Seriously, I will be putting up a good collection of royalty free and zero cost stock images, graphics and videos for your fun and profit. Because I love you, and I want you to be happy. 

Things to check out while you're here

If you enjoy visual art, especially that which is abstract in nature, do check out my artwork.

If you enjoy art, there's a good chance you'll enjoy some of my design work.

Not a fan? Well, everyone loves a good photograph.

Too static? Perhaps you'll appreciate these videos.

Feel like reading more? Maybe you would enjoy seeing me write about myself in the third-person on this about page.

Want to collaborate on a project or trade money for goods and services? Contact me through old-fashioned e-mail.